Class Descriptions

Trifecta Body, LLC is a fully licensed and insured professional training studio specializing in Barre, Pilates, VIBE, Empowered Coaching, Movement and Wellness.

All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. 

Trifecta Body is a division of FF Method (™)/The Barrevolution(™)

Some of our current class offerings at the studio:

BarrEvolution Classes: Signature Program Fusing Barre -Pilates- FF Method ™–includes B.O.O.M., B.O.D., V.I.B.E., J.O.Y. and S.P.A.R.

FF Method ™ /F.I.E.R.C.E Classes: Signature Power Pilates Mat, Barre Principles, Strength & Movement Classes in a slightly heated, warmer room. (Between 70-75 degrees)

Trifecta™ E.M.Power (Educated Movement = Power) YogaBody Series/ Motion & Mindfulness w/ Bethany Astrachan Sweat. Release. Lengthen. Invigorate. RISE ABOVE…

Studio Class Offerings (November 14 – January 1) ** Does not include Thanksgiving/Christmas Holidays Closed! Classes run with a minimum of 4 registered.