About Florinda

Florinda Ferguson is the founder and owner of Trifecta Body, LLC, a division of Florinda Ferguson Method. Trifecta Body BarrePilatesVibe is boutique, Barre Pilates Fitness studio specializing in Evolved Movement. Trifecta promotes the principles of high quality training and innovative programming, combined with premier client relationships. Trifecta advocates  long term, sustainable wellness for each body seeking a full life in motion.

Florinda Ferguson brings her love of teaching and instruction to a unique, small studio environment, with an emphasis on Barre, Pilates and Pilates driven strength and motion work. Throughout her professional life she has energized students, trained teachers, and inspired clients to “do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”

Florinda’s integrated and dynamic approach to creating a holistic “well” body has its roots in her early cultural and academic life. She was born in NYC and raised in urban New Haven, CT. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Connecticut, a Master of Education and Leadership in Teaching from Boston College, and is a National Endowment for the Humanities Scholar (Paris, France).

After teaching History, Government and Philosophy at Brookline (MA) High School and serving as Dean of Students at Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Florinda took time off to start a family. She then returned to teaching, but this time as a trainer. Her appreciation of movement in all of its forms drew her to Boxing, then Spinning, then Sports Conditioning. Her love of ballet and dance, and the reminders of the joyful role both played in her youth, reconnected her to Pilates and Barre.

After relocating to West Hartford from Boston in 2001, Florinda developed her craft as an instructor/trainer at The Center Studio and The Fitness Continuum (West Hartford) and as a Master Trainer at New York Sports Clubs (West Hartford). These varied experiences have informed her design of Trifecta Body as the optimum way to help clients achieve greater awareness of the ownership, process and joy of creating a “well” Barre/Pilates body.

Florinda has training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Personal Training and Golf Fitness. She is nationally certified by Balanced Body in Barre; Pilates Mat (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced); Pilates Reformer ( Levels 1, 2 and 3);  and Movement Principles. She is also nationally certified in Spinning from Mad Dogg Athletics. Florinda has studied extensively with her mentor, Joy Puleo (Balanced Body Faculty/ California,  NYC/ Studio Owner); and with her friend and supporter Sharon McSpeddon (Owner, PilatesBarreCore, Ridgefield, CT). Florinda has trained exclusively with Zayna Gold, Owner of Boston Body Barre, and with Joy Karley of Pilates Reforming New York (NYC). Florinda attributes much of her skill in cueing bodywork to these amazing women, who communicate so beautifully the early classical Pilates work, and its adaptation to the contemporary physical environment. She believes ultimately that form is paramount, and that “it is better to do few beautifully well, than more poorly.”  Florinda’s teaching style has also been greatly influenced by the work of Burr Leonard (Founder, The Bar Method); and Mike Boyle (Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning), in addition to the numerous Pilates faculty from Balanced Body.

Clients can train with Florinda at Trifecta in signature studio classes; in private, small groups; or in private, individual sessions.  In addition to studio classes and lifestyle/wellness coaching, professional instructor training is available under Florinda Ferguson Method. Florinda resides in West Hartford, CT with her family and strongly believes in what she is often overheard saying to clients, who inspire her every day:

Cultivate Joy. Stay Connected. Fight Inertia. Keep Moving.